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Drashti Vajar

  Drashti Vajar – A Vision in Voice an Anchor, Presenter and TV Host. Drashti Vajar powerful emcee 1000+ Live Shows Across The Nation & Overseas. Innovative, impromptu, engages & enthrals the audience with her presence. With a sweet sense of humour that keeps people hooked on with her. Exciting interactive sessions. Vibrant Personality & Enthusiastic Approach. Energizes the crowd that will keep asking you for more….!   An artist with a spread of experience over a decade in the  entertainment  industry. Graduated As B.Sc. in Biotechnology & P.G in Clinical Research. Graduate in Performing  Arts  (Aarangetram In Bharatanatyam) chose to follow her passion. A Renowned  Theatre  Artist , performed for many state & national award-winning shows   Drashti Vajar  is also the  Winner of Beauty Pageants.  Miss Gujarati Jalso 2014, Miss Mumbai Gujarati 2015 and Miss India Gujarati 2015 (Top 5). Drashti Vajar worked as an Anchor/Presenter For T.V Asia USA ’s Prominent Show – Com

10 Event Tech & Planning Blogs You Should be Following

10 Event Tech & Planning Blogs You Should be Following 1. Event Industry News:   “ Online   event  magazine, provides the latest news to the  event’s   industry “.  EIN  read by organisers, promoters, event management and  production companies . Also caters to  event suppliers ,  experiential agencies , the corporate sector & organisations. 2. Corbin Ball:   Corbin Ball   “Meetings  Technology  Headquarters. The Web’s most comprehensive site about meeting planning,  trade show and events   technology .” 3. Techsytalk:   Techsytalk  Powered by Liz King Events.  “It is an  education   platform  created to elevate the conversation. Around the discovery and implementation of  event technology . To raise the profile of our  industry .” 4 .  Event Manager Blog:   Event Manager Blog  started by Julius Solaris. “Most talked about blog about Event Technology Trends & Innovative  Event  Concepts. Social Media applied to the Event Industry. Thousands of e

An Emcee: Do you really need one? If Yes which one?

  An Emcee: Do you really need one? If Yes which one? There is quite a lot of thought that goes into making this decision especially now during the phase of this Pandemic .   – “So let someone in the family do it” if it’s a personal function   – “We  certainly  can zero down on someone from the office”, if it’s a corporate affair   – “Let’s see if we can find someone reasonable or it’s okay”   – “We don’t have a budget for an  Emcee  at all.”   – “Small gathering we will manage somehow “   – “It’s  just  the small introduction at the beginning of the event and  maybe  a goodbye in the end why spend extra on that”   – “It’s  just  a waste not  really  needed”   – “It’s  just  online how does it matter if there is no Emcee”   So thoughts like these  regarding  an Emcee would  certainly  come up while  planning  an event, and here is something to add to these thoughts .   Managing the flow as per the Time   Every event has a flow and planning

This Event is ... Emceelicious

  This Event is ... Emceelicious Hello! Ladies and Gentlemen A very warm welcome to…… Does this sounds familiar? Is this what we hear more often when an  Emcee  gets on stage? Correct, we do, and some variations, of course, which make us feel good, happy, pleasant etc. But what is it that catches our attention or gives us not so good vibes … ? Being an  Professional Emcee  for more than a decade in the industry I have got to learn so much while on the job. Though the book called ‘Mistakes’  has lots of lessons to teach, in our profession mistakes are pretty unhealthy. So as an  Emcee  cooking up an  Event  and wanting it to turn out  “Emceelicious” is what every Emcee would wish. Well I just came up with this word it means the Emcee earns a few credits for the success of the event. While making the preparations on one hand there could be variations in the recipe and on the other some ingredients are a strict NO Let’s figure out… Understand the Event Every  Event  h